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Arnold Lan

Norway Day.. IT'S ALMOST OVER UGH =(

There are only 3 days left of the trip and I apologize for my lack of posts. After editing my pictures at night I just crash for the next day. Every day is too packed and wonderful! 

Last night I was on live national television! It was extremely nervewracking but I got through it in the end haha. The picture is a picture with the hosts and the other guests that appeared on the show! 

Tomorrow (Friday, July 17th) at 12:30 pm EST/9:30 am PST I'll be using Periscope (a live streaming app) from @visitnorwayusa's Twitter and answering questions about photography, this dream job, and my experiences in Norway! If you are free, I would love for you guys to come join me and hang out! You can watch the live stream online but you can't ask questions. If you use the app then you can actually comment in real time! Here is the website if you just want to watch! http://onperiscope.com/ 

If you want to know what I've been up to, all the pictures are on Instagram @arnoldlan and @visitnorwayusa

Hope you chat with you guys tomorrow!

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Norway day... 6?

Hi friends!

Sorry it's just been a whirlwind of few days, I've been sleeping only an average of 4 hours a night but I can't complain because I do it to myself. Each day has just been full of new experiences, people, tastes, sights, and each day I fall more in love with Norway. 

While I am here, I have two jobs. I have to first document and capture all my experiences in photos for Visit Norway to inspire wanderlust and more tourism for Norway. But my second job is to kind of host a TV show, which is to be honest a little bit out of my comfort zone and strange. So due to the two jobs, my attention and my focus is sometimes divided which is challenging at times. But I have the most capable and wonderful crew who are incredibly supportive. Everyday I am learning more about myself as an artist and being challenged to grow and be better. I want to be able to tell the best story of Norway I possibly can because Norway really is nothing short of amazing. 

Also I never realized how much work running social media actually was. I've been using social media ever since I entered high school, and I thought it would have been a piece of cake since I spend so much time on Facebook and Instagram in my daily life. But when doing social media for a company, I have to make sure I get every single hashtag right so that I can reference each place, tag the places, always be on my phone (which I hate), and always be thinking about what equipment to take the picture with and how the picture will be used. Selfies allow people to see me in the moment engaging with the activity in real time, yet fans of the Visit Norway Facebook page may not want to see ten pictures of me with people they don't know, but it does allow me to post quickly. While picures from my camera take time to export, sift through, and edit, so I can only do that at night so every night I have to spend a few hours doing that to please the fans on the Visit Norway page who want to see actual pictures of food, culture, people, and landscapes. I am not complaining but just wanted to give you guys a small look into what I'm thinking about everyday as I do this. But believe me when I say I am in love with Norway! 

The picture above is a family that were so loving and hospitable (also adorable). I got to interact with each member of their family in different ways and they all have a special place in my heart. I took a picture of the daughter that is on my Instagram, @arnoldlan if you are curious!

Okay gonna head to bed soon because we are hiking up Preikestolen tomorrow!

See you guys!

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Oslo Day 2+3

Oslo is so exciting everyday! 

On Sunday we went to the Mathallen Oslo (the market) and tried reindeer, farmed and wild smoked salmon, as well as brown cheese. All three being traditional Norwegian cuisine, and all three being delicious! The picture is from the market with our friend Martine as we were filming for the TV show. Delicious food makes for hearty laughs!

Today was rainy which allowed us to see a completely different side of Oslo, but still gorgeous. I was able to get some beautiful pictures with the dark clouds. I got to visit the skii museum which was fascinating as I snowboard myself and just getting to see the long history of skiing/snowboarding in Norway was truly epic. Then we headed to the Food Bar and I was shown by chef Tobias how to make an AMAZING turbot soup with asparagus and artichoke (I'm drooling just thinking about it). 

As always if you want to see pictures, they're on my Instagram @arnoldlan, and I'm also posting on @visitnorwayusa 

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Brian Pitcher commented on 07/07/2015 3:41 PM
Ski museum sounds like a perfect take......Awesome.. Clouds can be layered just keep shooting ....Plenty of time to edit in the future its a capture thing. Sometimes my best shots are in unexpected moments in less than perfect lighting situations.

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Oslo Day 1

I think I am ready to move to Norway! 

Started off with an amazing breakfast of the freshest biggest variety of seafood in our hotel (yes seafood for breakfast, I KNOW RIGHT)! Then I got to learn about Munch's paintings in depth from our amazing guide Eirik. Usually fine art just goes right over my head, but with Eirik's explanation of the context, history, and thought processes of Munch, I was able to grasp each painting. It was amazing to be able actually appreciate art for once haha. I then got to paint my own painting, and I have to say I am an atrocious painter, but the end result (in the picture) was tolerable! We ended our day off with Oslo Kayak Tours, we got to meet Annette and Tanya, which were the two sweet instructors that own Oslo Kayak Tours. I got to cliff dive (video on @visitnorwayusa's Instagram), and KIND of learn how to do an eskimo roll on the kayak. They took us to a beach side and made us a delicious dinner of fresh greenland shrimp, scrambled eggs, flatbread, sheep bacon, smoked salmon, and fresh strawberries! 

More pictures on @arnoldlan and @visitnorwayusa Instagram! Also if you want to read my reflection piece on the Norway job it's on www.lantography.blogspot.com


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Brian Pitcher commented on 07/07/2015 3:42 PM
Wait did someone say fresh smoked BACON!
Beate Gran commented on 07/06/2015 9:11 AM
Eirik is fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Arnold.

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