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Location: Ecuador
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Does traveling to exotic locations, helping the planet, meeting people from diverse cultures, road tripping, learning to surf and joining like minded adventure seekers sound like your idea of a dream gig? Then we have the opportunity for you!

Teddy Grouya, Director of the American Documentary Film Festival is looking for on camera cast members for his latest documentary film 'Ruta Del Sol'. This is not just a travel documentary, it's a film that will follow a group of like minded people wanting to make an extraordinary difference.

Join your fellow cast members on a road trip down the coast of Ecuador to learn to surf on some of the most stunning beaches South America has to offer. In between you'll have the chance to volunteer at various non-profits to help local communities and wildlife.

Cast members will have all their expenses paid including airfare to Ecuador as well as travel, meals and accommodations while on location.


Read all of the guidelines below.

Film your 60 second application video and click on 'Apply Now/Sign Up' on the right.

Post your video to social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) with the hashtag #rutadelsol. Make sure it's public so we can see it!


Applicants must be in relatively good health. If invited, you must pass a full physical.

You can be an extreme sports enthusiast, a homemaker, or an IT specialist, but you may never have tried surfing before.

You should be interested in the world and travelling with other people, although having travelled before isn't a requirement.

When submitting your “VIDDIE" (video selfie), please take note of suggestions here:

  • Tell us your name, age, and occupation;
  • Tell us why you want to be a part of this film, i.e. you've always wanted to learn to surf, or you want to travel and clean up your life, find a new direction, start fresh-- whatever it is that motivates you to take part in this special experience;
  • When shooting the video, be careful to not only shoot yourself talking to the camera. Show us your world: your home, your work, your friends, your hobbies. Share what makes you, you;
  • When finishing this masterpiece highlighting your life, make sure that it is no longer than 60 seconds in length, that it is in focus, and that sound is clean, as these excerpts may be used in the film itself and/or as part of our online casting campaign;
  • REQUIRED: At the end of the video, you must say, “I approve the gratis (free) viewing and use of my image in the casting for Ruta Del Sol, for any and all usage related to the casting, shooting and marketing of the film and any ancillary usage related to said film."
  • Share your video with your friends, family, and the world via your social networks. Getting the word out on this amazing opportunity and event gets everyone involved. Even if you're not picked, you're still part of the production!


You'll need to be available for 2 weeks in August, 2016.


Help Ruta Del Sol raise funds for crew and the premier by making a $10 donation to the Ruta Del Sol Indiegogo campaign.

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Bethany Peterson, Tsurita, Miranda Allfrey, Natalie Stoclet, Peony Chan

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Bethany Peterson


Ruta Del Sol Movie

From Teddy Grouya, Director of the American Documentary Film Festival, comes a film that will follow a group of regular people who want to make an extraordinary difference. This is more than just a surf trip or a travel documentary: it's your chance to make an impact on the planet and the lives of the people we share it with.

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