Los Angeles Leadership Academy

Location: Los Angeles, California
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The Los Angeles Leadership Academy prepares urban secondary students to succeed in college or on chosen career paths, to live fulfilling, self-directed lives, and to be effective in creating a just and humane world.

High-powered, performance-based assessment, and an integrated curriculum promote critical thinking and intellectual depth, breadth, and agility. Close relationships between students and staff and attention to students' individual needs and interests promote a community of well-rounded learners. Students have opportunities to take action on important social issues, to work alongside community mentors, and to enhance the learning power of these experiences through reflection and skill development in the classroom.

And now, by teaming up with DreamJobbing, the Los Angeles Leadership Academy is offering these students a chance to connect with the career and guidance opportunities they're looking for.

STUDENTS, the first step is to create a DreamJobbing Profile. Part of your DreamJobbing Profile will include a short video about yourself and your future goals that you will upload to this page. This is key to showcasing yourself in the best way possible. Below are videos that will help you through the process.

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Los Angeles Leadership Academy

Los Angeles Leadership Academy is a charter school system in Los Angeles, California. The schools in the system include Los Angeles Leadership Academy Primary School, Los Angeles Leadership Academy Middle School, and Los Angeles Leadership Academy High School. The school is located in Lincoln Heights.

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