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#StartupSpotlight: Nutrition Straight to Your Doorstep with Straight From the Root

Straight From the Root is a company that cares about your health! Started by a father, daughter team, this incredible startup brings the Sous Vide cooking process right to your home. What is Sous Vide? Well, it is a European style of cooking that preserves all the flavours and minerals of your cooking and makes preparing a delicious meal quick and easy! Learn all about Paul Lagudi, the brainchild of Straight From the Root, and how this incredible startup came to be!

Let's start at the beginning! What is your background?

I'm based in Las Vegas and I've been in the Produce business for over 20 years now. I have an amazing family who are very involved with what I do.

How did your career evolve into the creation of Straight From the Root?

Being heavily involved in fresh food delivery I am always learning about the evolution of Food Preparation here and around the world. When I learned that Sous Vide cooking preserves all the vitamins and minerals vegetables have to offer (while giving them a longer shelf life in the process) I got excited. Traditional cooking methods like boiling and baking tend to destroy up to 1/3 of the nutrients in our produce.

I decided to expand my family business to include Straight from The Root, so it's a passion project for us all.

What do you do on a day to day basis for Straight From the Root? Do you have any other day job?

I'm currently working to expand the line to grocery stores across the U.S. So far, we're in Whole Foods, Publix, and Walmart. I still run my traditional Produce Delivery company to grocery stores throughout the Southwest. The two ventures work hand in hand very well.

What do you love most about Straight From the Root/ your career?

It's a fresh, pre-cooked, organic product so it feels good to be giving more families access to that. Especially those that have tight schedules. As a busy individual myself, I'm always looking for ways to eat better without having to spend a ton of time in the kitchen. What you often hear is true, when you eat better you feel better.

Were there any setbacks that you have had over your career that turned into positive movements in your career?

Being in business for yourself often requires long days and wearing many different hats. As soon as you're able to, build a team you can trust and start delegating. Focus on what you do best, otherwise burnout can start to set you back.

What is the best piece of career advice you have heard? Do you have any advice for our readers on creating their own opportunities?

The best career advice I've ever heard is that having a Plan B (career wise) it pretty much admitting up front that you're going to fail. This is based on a quote I recently heard from Elizabeth Holmes.

Be the person that others can rely on. Your reputation is everything. Most jobs come by referral so if people love working with you they're more likely to send business your way.

What is your goal for yourself and Straight From the Root in the future?

The long game is to make SFTRoot available nationwide. I'm also working to expand the line to offer other kinds of Sous Vide Cooked food. The flavor this method locks in is incredible and it only takes 90-seconds to reheat. It seems most Americans live busy lives these days so this option can benefit us all.

To learn more about sous vide style cooking and Straight From the Root catch them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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