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Stop. Take Care Of Yourself.

With the holiday season in full swing, life is busy and it can be easy to stray away from our typical routine that keeps us centered.

Stop. Get Outside.

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to be outdoors. Whether its hiking, walking a dog, playing catch, or even just cleaning up the front yard; the outdoors are a wonderful tool for relaxation. Research some favored hiking spots in the area, get a group of friends together, explore the outdoors, and breathe in some of that fresh winter air.

Stop. Get Organized.

A key component to feeling relaxed is to feel organized at home. Taking an hour or two to go through your space and declutter those items that aren't needed will do wonders. If you still have your summer wardrobe scattered in your closet, it might be time to put those items in storage until the spring.

Stop. Nourish Your Body.

It's tempting to grab a meal that's quick, and with the lower temperatures, our craving towards high calorie comfort food seems to be growing exponentially. While our aunt's homemade garlic mashed potatoes are great to indulge in, we have to remember to take care of our bodies by eating foods rich in nutrients. A great way to incorporate this is by adding in fresh organic veggies to any meal you have. This could include adding spinach to your eggs in the morning, reaching for an apple instead of the bag of chips, and having a side salad with your lunch and dinner. It's also easy to forget to drink our H20 throughout the day, if you feel this is true to you, try carrying around a 64oz reusable water bottle and sip it throughout the day. You'll be amazed at how energetic your body feels.

Stop. Take A Moment.

Above all else, during this crazy time of year, we must always remember to make time for ourselves. Cozy up and read a favorite book, meditate in the morning, and remember to always take a moment and appreciate the positive things that occurred throughout your day.

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